September 15, 2016

CT Scanner

Cone Beam CT

Peak ENT prioritizes patient care and convenience in every aspect of the treatment and diagnostic process. Our offices now offer Carestream CT scanner to meet the highest standard of patient convenience and technological advancement. The advantages of this state of the art equipment are numerous. Carestream is among the most highly recognized and accredited diagnostic providers in the nation, able to accommodate a wider range of insurances including Medicare and many private insurances. The scan itself requires a fraction of the time of original CT scans, lasting approximately 12-28 seconds. In addition, the radiation emitted from this CT scanner is up to 84% less radiation than original low-dose MSCT units making it ideal for pediatric patients and those requiring multiple CT scans.

The CS 9300 is a cone-beam CT scanner. This translates into superior visibility and resolution, allowing for higher accuracy and more comprehensive imaging. It is capable of spatial resolution for the visibility of sub-millimeter structures of the ear, nose and throat. Furthermore, Carestream Cloud Services allows your provider to work collaboratively with other clinicians, radiologists and specialists on a global scale. The scanner is designed for optimal comfort, with face-to face positioning and motorized adjustment capabilities. This allows scans to be performed on patients of all physicalities in a standing or sitting position as well as a wheel chair.

The standard of diagnostic ability, patient comfort, and adherence to the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) degree of radiation, coincides with Peak ENTs philosophy of providing patients with the paramount in care, capability, and forefront medical advancement.