May 23, 2016

Our Facilities

Peak ENT utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to allow efficient, accurate diagnosis and cutting edge treatment of a wide variety of disorders affecting the ears, nose and throat. We use digital endoscopes and high definition cameras, helping us make diagnoses that otherwise could be missed by the traditional fiber optic technology still used in many ENT offices. Laryngeal videostroboscopy and transnasal esophagoscopy enable us to fully evaluate voice and swallowing disorders in the office. Digital video recordings of these endoscopic procedures help us fully inform our patients regarding diagnoses and fully involve them in treatment planning. Our Broomfield location offers in-office CT scans, allowing accurate and timely diagnosis of sinus disease, facial trauma, and ear disease.

Drs. King, Mills, Weng and Vidas are proud to offer minimally invasive surgical treatment options whenever possible and appropriate. Many of these procedures can be performed comfortably and safely in the office, without sedation. For many patients, these procedures allow them to avoid the added risks and recovery time that come with general anesthesia. These procedures can also dramatically reduce the overall cost by avoiding facility and anesthesia fees.

The variety of procedures that can be performed in our offices is truly unique among ENT practices. In fact, Dr. King is the only physician in Colorado to offer non-sedated, minimally invasive laser surgery of the larynx and upper airway.

Office-based procedures performed under local anesthesia include:

  • Minimally invasive sinus surgery including balloon sinuplasty
  • Limited septoplasty (fixing a deviated septum)
  • Closed reduction of nasal fracture (fixing a broken nose)
  • Inferior turbinate reduction (to improve nasal breathing)
  • Transnasal esophagoscopy (TNE)
  • Endoscopic biopsies of the larynx, trachea and esophagus
  • Laser treatment of laryngeal and airway lesions (benign and cancerous)
  • Laser treatment and dilation of airway stenosis (narrowing)
  • Injections of the larynx for vocal cord paralysis, tremor, or spasmodic dysphonia

Please note we are no longer seeing patients at the former office on 144th Ave in Broomfield.

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