October 26, 2016

Fat Injections – Facial Volume Contouring

Fat Injections

Facial aging occurs in multiple dimensions. Not only does gravity pull extra skin downward, the thinning of the skin and soft tissues of the face as well as changes in the bony skeleton leads to a hollowed and sunken look.  Hollowing around the eyes and temples and deflation of the cheeks are just a few examples.  While injectable fillers are a good tool to temporarily correct these changes, they are temporary and can become costly when larger volumes need to be filled.  Another option is to inject one’s own body fat to replete these deflated facial areas.  With fat injections, the initial fullness seen weeks after the injection can partially be absorbed, but at a year after the procedure most patients retain at least 50% of the injected fat, which can be expected to stay in place for life.

An ideal candidate for facial contouring with fat injections is in good physical and mental health, is concerned about having a deflated appearance in the face from loss of facial fat and soft tissue through the aging process, has mild to moderate excess fat to harvest from the abdomen and has realistic expectations.