September 9, 2016

Head & Neck

Neck Masses
Thyroid Nodules
Thyroid Cancer
Salivary Gland Disorders

Head & Neck medicine addresses injury and pathogenic disorders concerning swallowing, the voice, and the airway. It encompasses diagnosis, assessment, medical management and surgical treatment possibilities. It applies to all maladies, malformations, and disorders of the structures of the head and neck including the larynx, esophagus, and voice box. Concerns regarding these regions include nodules, carcinomas, deformities, and infection.

Current technology allows for greater aptitude and accuracy when establishing a diagnosis. Peak ENT stands at the helm of non-invasive, cutting edge equipment in the hands of experienced, well respected providers. Assessment is collaborative with a comprehensive team of health care professionals. Sub-specialties of the health care team include allergies, the aerodigestive tract, and both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.