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Facial Plastic Surgery & Rhinoplasty Procedure in Denver

Denver Facial Plastic Surgery

Your face is your first impression the world and essential to self identity and self esteem.   When considering aesthetic or reconstructive facial surgery from rhinoplasty or facelift to reconstruction of scars and skin cancer, don’t leave it in the hands of just anyone, trust your face with an expert. Dr. Catherine Weng is fellowship trained in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery specializing in aesthetic surgical procedures.


Some of the conditions we can treat at Peak facial plastic surgery include:


  • Aging appearance of the face, neck or eyes
  • Nasal deformity from previous injury
  • Unacceptable appearance of the nose
  • Difficulty breathing through the nose
  • Facial injuries
  • Facial skin cancers
  • Scars

rhinoplasty in denver

Denver Rhinoplasty

The nose is the central unifying component of the face. The ideal nasal shape must be structurally functional and allow the person to breathe easily. It must also be aesthetically pleasing and fit the face appropriately. When a person’s nose is asymmetric, crooked, has a large hump, or an excessively bulbous tip, it distracts the observer’s view from the rest of the face. An aesthetically pleasing nose will blend seamlessly with the rest of the facial features. Some may even say a well-shaped nose will draw a viewer’s attention to the eyes.

Dr. Weng believes in respecting all these principles in rhinoplasty. She believes when planning nose surgery, the ideal shape of the nose should be considered within the landscape of the rest of the face. She strives for a natural look and shape that is individually catered to each patient. She also pays particular attention to structure and function and believes in maintaining or improving patient’s nasal airway for breathing.An ideal candidate for rhinoplasty is at least 16 years old, in good physical and mental health, has significant concerns about nasal breathing and or the appearance of the nose, has realistic expectations and is prepared to wait up to a full year to see the final result.

Blepharoplasty – Eyelid Lift

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. It is no wonder why so many women and men seek surgical enhancement through blepharoplasty. Common concerns are the lower eyelid bags making the eyes look constantly tired and overhanging upper eyelids hiding the eyes and making them appear smaller. In some cases, the excess upper eyelid skin can even block the patient’s peripheral vision. Sometimes patients of east Asian descent may present with a “single eyelid” or lack of an upper eyelid crease. This can make the eyes look smaller. The creation of an upper eyelid crease or “double eyelid” can be achieved with upper blepharoplasty. Surgical blepharoplasty can help to open up the eyes revealing a more beautiful, awake, or younger view of the window to the soul.

An ideal candidate for blepharoplasty is in good physical and mental health, has excess skin and or fat of the upper or lower eyelids and has realistic expectations. An ideal candidate for Asian blepharoplasty is in good physical and mental health, does not have an upper eyelid fold, desires to have a natural looking upper eyelid with a fold and has realistic expectations.

Chin Implant

Chin augmentation is a surgical procedure that can dramatically improve the appearance of the face and create a balance between the upper middle and lower 1/3 of the face. In some cases, patients are unsatisfied with the appearance of their nose seeming too strong or projected when the real concern taking the entire face into account is a chin that is too week. Creating balance in the facial features by augmenting a weak chin can improve the overall appearance of the entire face and make other facial features seem to fit in better.

An ideal candidate for a chin implant is at least 16 years old, in good physical and mental health, has concerns about a weak chin and has realistic expectations.

Brow Lift

The ideal position for the eyebrows is just above the orbital rim (the bony part of the eye socket).  The ideal shape should be club-shaped with a slight curve, with the highest point at the outer corner of the eye. In men, the ideal eyebrow position and shape is just at the orbital rim and should be horizontal without a curve. The forehead and brows may become heavy through the aging process, resulting in a tired or worn look. Sometimes, if the brow hangs low even a few millimeters, it can make the eyes look aged. For some patients looking for rejuvenation around the eyes, a brow lift can contribute significantly to creating a more refreshed appearance.

An ideal candidate for a brow lift is in good physical and mental health, has signs of aging in the upper third of the face including frown lines, forehead wrinkles and descent of the eyebrows and has realistic expectations.

Face Lift

Through the aging process as the skin loses elasticity and the effect of gravity becomes evident in the lower face. Excess skin of the lower face or neck may become noticeable and jowls may develop along the jaw line. These changes in somebody who is healthy and active can make him or her look older than he or she feels. A lower facelift or rhytidectomy can help remove extra skin and create a tighter, more youthful look without appearing pulled or unnatural. Dr. Weng believes in meticulously executing the lower facelift to create a natural, not “done” look to give her patients confidence in their appearance. An ideal candidate for a facelift is in good physical and mental health, has moderate jowling and excess skin of the lower face and neck and has realistic expectations.

Mid Face Lift

As we age, the soft tissue of our cheeks can become deflated and hang low, creating deep nasolabial folds and a hollowed appearance beneath the eyes. Dr. Weng believes a great way to return the volume and fullness of the cheeks and rejuvenate the appearance of the area around the eyes is with a mid face lift in combination with a forehead lift. An ideal candidate for a mid face lift is in good physical and mental health, exhibits a descent of the mid facial soft tissues or deeper nasolabial folds and has realistic expectations.

Otoplasty – For Protruding Ears

No matter what a person’s age, excessively protruding ears can be a source of insecurity and self-consciousness, whether for a child entering primary school or an adult entering the work force. Dr. Weng can perform a surgery to pin the ears back through a hidden incision behind the ears. This creates a symmetrical and natural look, allowing people to notice the face without being distracted by protruding ears. An ideal candidate for otoplasty is in good physical and mental health, has protruding ears that they desire to be pinned back and has realistic expectations.

Liposuction – Neck

Excess fatty tissue can accumulate below the jaw line as a result of aging, genetics, or weight gain.  This area can be very stubborn and even with diet and exercise, sub-mental fat may be difficult to get rid of.  Surgical treatment with liposuction can thin out a double chin creating a smooth elegant chin and neck contour.

An ideal candidate for liposuction is in good physical and mental health, has excess fat beneath the chin, is concerned about a double chin, desires a more elegant neck line and has realistic expectations.

Fat Injections – Facial Volume Contouring

Facial aging occurs in multiple dimensions. Not only does gravity pull extra skin downward, the thinning of the skin and soft tissues of the face as well as changes in the bony skeleton leads to a hollowed and sunken look. Hollowing around the eyes and temples and deflation of the cheeks are just a few examples. While injectable fillers are a good tool to temporarily correct these changes, they are temporary, and can become costly when larger volumes need to be filled. Another option is to inject one’s own body fat to replete these deflated facial areas. With fat injections, the initial fullness seen weeks after the injection can partially be absorbed, but at a year after the procedure most patients retain at least 50% of the injected fat, which can be expected to stay in place for life.

An ideal candidate for facial contouring with fat injections is in good physical and mental health, is concerned about having a deflated appearance in the face from loss of facial fat and soft tissue through the aging process, has mild to moderate excess fat to harvest from the abdomen and has realistic expectations.

Scar Revision

Sometimes patients are concerned about torn or stretched ear lobes from earrings or gages.  This can be addressed by an in office scar revision procedure. It can take up to one year for a scar to fully mature.  Sometimes there is redness or discoloration initially after healing that can fade with time.  However, scars can also become hypertrophied, or keloids. Dr. Weng is happy to help you manage and improve the appearance of scars through surgical and minimally invasive approaches.

An ideal candidate for scar revision surgery should have a visually unappealing scar that has been present for at least a year. He or she should have realistic expectations and be patient and willing to continue to work on optimizing the scar healing with sun protection and less invasive in-office interventions for up to 6 months.

Reconstructive Facial Surgery

Dr Weng performs a variety of reconstructive facial plastic surgeries as well.  A nasal deformity from a broken nose may be repaired by a reconstructive rhinoplasty.  Occasionally skin cancers may arise from the skin of the face and require careful removal by a dermatologist or a facial plastic surgeon.  With careful technique and extensive training, Dr Weng can perform local reconstructive surgical procedures for wounds from injuries or skin cancers that heal to be nearly imperceptible.
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