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Dr. King

Dr. King is an amazing Dr. My mom has a virus that grows on her throat. She had several invasive surgeries and the virus came back. After a few laser treatments with Dr. King it is almost gone! He and his staff are always friendly and professional.

Dr. King

Dr. King and Brittany were wonderful. They took lots of time and I never felt rushed. They helped me navigate a tricky insurance issue as well. I felt very well taken care of and in good hands.

Dr. King

Dr. King is such an amazing doctor! He really improved my quality of life with my nose. I used to suffer from having a constant stuffy nose at night and it was very hard to sleep. When I came in for my first visit, he was very calm, relaxing, and had a great sense of humor. Later that month, I had surgery done to my nose. The surgery that he performed was to reduce the size of my turbinates in my nose and it was actually quite relaxing procedure then I was expecting. Ever since the surgery, I’ve been able to breathe through my nose with no problems. It has been one of the greatest decisions in my life to get that done. =) Thank you, Dr. King!

Dr. King

I was referred to Dr. King after years of struggling with my breathing. Dr. King was the first doctor who not only knew exactly how to diagnose me, but also specialized in my airway condition, and had the expertise to discuss treatment options and perform the necessary procedure. His office staff is equally helpful and welcoming, and his newly designed and decorated offices are by far the nicest medical offices I have ever visited. I am grateful to Dr. King for treating me with care and compassion, and I know he would never do anything without my best interest at heart. Thanks again for everything you do!

Dr. King

I love Dr. King and his staff. I had the Baha implant done and am so glad I did. He is the only ENT I have met with that gave me an alternative to getting my hearing back. I haven’t been able to really hear with both ears since I was about 15. Other ENT’s just wanted to keep doing reconstruction surgery which is difficult as you age to recover from and it wasn’t working so I couldn’t figure out why they wanted to keep doing the surgery. I was also told that I wouldn’t be able to use a standard hearing aid so I just had to adjust to only being able to hear with one ear, which isn’t the greatest. Dr King changed all that, did my Baha implant and now I am hearing again with 2 ears after 25 years!!!

Dr. King

Wonderful experience! The staff at Peak ENT and Voice Center was so helpful. They did an excellent job: I was given an appointment quickly, and Dr. King was patient, professional, and talented. I would recommend them to anyone with ENT needs: they perform innovative services, and truly care about their patients. What a great experience!

Dr. King

This doctor is the BEST. I went to several others prior to him, and he was the ONLY one who actually LISTENED to me and gave me the correct diagnosis. I am now able to actually SPEAK, although I have been begging doctors to help me speak for years now, but apparently I have “minor” Spasmodic Dysphonia, and so there was no doc willing to give me the Botox injections. Let me assure you that SD is never “mild” enough to the person who has it! I always sound as if I am nervous or going to cry, but b/c I can actually get words out and am a lawyer, every doctor tried to talk me out of Botox (afraid of a lawsuit?!). Anyway, thank goodness for Dr. King b/c he gave me Botox injections and gave me back my voice! He is very kind and laid back, and he has a system where you don’t have to call to make appointments (surprising more voice docs do not make this available to their patients). He is not overly aggressive with treatment but is precisely on target with dosing. I live in Ft Collins and travel to Broomfield to see him b/c nobody around here is good enough to do this. I honestly cannot thank him and his office staff enough for helping me with my problem. I have been charged thousands of dollars by voice therapists and made to cry by at least one voice doc who refused to treat my SD, but finally…I met Dr. King! THANK YOU, DR. KING.

Dr. Carly

Dr. Carly was energetic and enthusiastic throughout my appointment. You can tell that she loves what she does which made the Appointment easy and fulfilling. I would recommend her to any of my friend. Thank you

Sarah Gordon, PA-C

Walking into the door, staff friendly. Sarah Gordon is very knowledgeable and listened to what I had to say. I forget the person doing the hearing test, but super friendly and explained everything she did and the results. I would definitely recommend Peak ENT.
Jenn G

Mariah Winter, PA-C

Mariah is incredible. She listens and is thorough in her exams and explanations. She is very kind and aware of your comfort throughout a procedure. She is a 10!!!

Ona Reed, M.A., CCC-SLP

I had no idea what to expect with Speech Therapy but I have been very pleasantly surprised at the help I'm getting in learning to speak and sing without making myself hoarse. I had no idea this help was available! Ona is wonderful!


PEAK ENT Practice

Everyone was friendly and made the experience easy and comfortable. Thank you.
What a pleasant experience. I dreaded an exam of my nose and throat especially, and this was a very enlightening visit. I learned a lot in just a 30 minute visit, the doctor and staff were top notch, and the facility is impressive and well designed and even beautiful. I never thought an ENT visit was going to be so positive.
I was able to get a quick appointment due to an ear problem. The staff was very professional and knowledgeable, and were able to help me right away. While some of my issues still exist, they gave me options and time to think about which direction to proceed. No pressure, which I really appreciated. I would recommend this location and this practice.
Everyone was friendly and made the experience easy and comfortable. Thank you.

Holly J Kosanovich, MS, CCC-SLP

I met with Holly for the first time last week and see her again tomorrow. She knows her stuff. Great people and technical skills. Gave me some exrcises which, with some time, will likely prove beneficial in treating my extreme hoarseness which my ENT doctor says is age related. That's a kind way of saying I am old which I am not. I was just young longer than most and am only 73.


Ashley Mattos

I love feeling pretty & taking care of my skin is top priority! Ashley has helped me to continue to keep a beautiful glow, reduce my wrinkles and keep me up to date on the latest for skin care. I feel so good when I leave my treatment & thoroughly enjoy the compliments.
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