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Nasal and sinus pain can have a negative impact on your life. Data from the American Academy of Otolaryngology shares that approximately 35 million people develop chronic sinusitis every year. The condition involves an inflammation of the air cavities within the nasal passages. The symptoms range from nasal discharge to sensations around the eyes, forehead, and cheeks.

A Minimally Invasive Procedure for Sinusitis

Our team has vast experience treating patients with nose and sinus symptoms. We conduct balloon sinuplasty in Denver, a minimally invasive procedure that involves clearing the sinus pathways. It is an in-office procedure suitable for patients who are not responding to medication or have recurrent acute rhinosinusitis.

Our trained surgeons use this technique to preserve the tissue and provide patients with long-lasting relief. The procedure involves minimum discomfort, so you can manage chronic sinusitis and breathe easy again.

Safe and Effective Sinus Surgery

While balloon procedures and medication may provide relief from chronic sinusitis, other patients may require enlarging their sinus openings. Our Denver sinus specialists drain nasal mucous and encourage better air circulation. The procedure will not include removal of bone or tissue.

Peak ENT is the Denver area’s premier nose and sinus clinic providing specialized nose and sinus related treatments. With multiple offices located throughout the Denver Metro area, we offer the options and flexibility you require in today’s busy world. Let us help you with treatment today!




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