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What to Do Before and After Balloon Sinuplasty

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Research shows that over 28.9 million adults in the US are diagnosed with sinusitis. It is an infection that occurs when your sinuses or the cavities within your face swell up. Sinusitis is usually caused by allergies, nasal growths, and respiratory tract infections. Common symptoms include nasal stuffiness, frontal headaches, and discolored nasal charges. Sinusitis typically …

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What is an ENT Specialist and When Should We Seek Their Help?

Most physicians have their areas of specialization. Aside from the years spent at medical school learning the basics, they study additional years to specialize. The range isn’t quite A to Z, but includes everything from anesthesiologists and cardiologists to neurologists, gynecologists, oncologists and urologists. Doctors that specialize in the ear, nose and throat region of the body are called otolaryngologists, and are more commonly known as ENT specialists.

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