Botox: How It Works and What to Expect

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Are those lines on your forehead the reason you’re planning to get a Botox? Do they make you look older than your actual age? If yes, there are certain factors you should know before you book an appointment.

Understand Botox Carefully

Botox injections use different forms of botulinum toxin to paralyze muscle activity temporarily. This treatment is known to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, but it’s also applicable for treating problems, such as excessive sweating, neck spasms, lazy eye, and an overactive bladder among others.

A survey from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) shows that Botox is one of the popular cosmetic treatments in the country. In 2017 alone, there have been 7.23 million procedures.

Botox injections are FDA-approved and are safe if done correctly. Despite that, there are still side effects, which include a headache or flu-like symptoms, crooked smile, eye dryness, and droopy eyelids. Pain or swelling in the areas where you had injections could also happen.

What to Expect from a Procedure

In your consultation with a plastic surgery clinic in Denver, expect that your doctor will ask you to smile, frown, and even raise your eyebrows. The reason for this is that your doctor should understand the natural movement of some areas on your face. This contributes to a better result.

During the procedure, your doctor will dilute botulinum toxin in saline before injecting it directly into your neuromuscular tissue. It would take about 24-72 hours for the medicine to take effect and, in some cases, it would take about five days.

Additionally, pregnant, lactating women, and those who have an allergy history of botulinum toxin should not take this type of drug.

You have to remember that Botox only paralyzes your muscles temporarily. Expect for the treatment to wear off after about three months, and facial wrinkles would appear once again. Its effects, we’ve found, become more significant over time as you go through the injection repeatedly.

Choose Your Doctor Wisely

Once you’ve decided to undergo Botox injections, you need to find a doctor you can trust. It’s necessary that only licensed physicians should administer the procedure. Otherwise, this can be dangerous.

You can ask your primary physician for recommendations on cosmetic doctors with expertise on Botox injections. Only licensed and experienced medical professionals know how to get the desired results and recognize the importance of preparation prior to the process.

There are things you need to avoid before the treatment takes place. For example, you should not take blood-thinning medicines days before the procedure. Doing so will increase the risk of blood clotting. You may also have to avoid taking multivitamins, cinnamon, fish oil, green tea, red wine, and ginger.

We know how effective Botox injections are when it comes to fighting the external signs of aging. And we know the improvement it can have on self-confidence. That’s why our team aims to help bring the best version of you.

We use advanced technology in doing so, achieving more effective and natural results. We offer individualized plans to address your cosmetic needs and improve your well-being.

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